Import Trader only charges a flat administration fee depending on if the vehicle is driven or transported on a truck.
If the vehicle is self-driven, our flat fee is $495 CAD + taxes.
If you require access to our transport network, it is $595 CAD + taxes + wholesale cartage.

All other fees (HST/GST, duty, air conditioner tax, etc. are all flow-through and identical if you did the import yourself.)

  • The other costs & fees associated with importing your vehicle are as follows and are paid by Import Trader to their respective organizations, government bodies and companies and NOT kept by Import Trader: (All prices CAD)
  • Registrar of Imported Vehicles Fee: $195 + GST/QST/HST (depending on the border crossing used)
  • Letter of Recall (from manufacturer, varies, if applicable)
  • Wholesale transport/cartage (varies by location)
  • Air Conditioner Tax: $100 + GST
  • Gas Guzzler Tax (Green Levy): $1,000 – $4,000 (Doesn’t apply to pick-up trucks.)
  • Duty (for vehicles manufactured outside North America, VIN starts with a letter): 6.1%
  • Modifications: daytime running lights, metric instrument cluster, child seat tethers, etc. (varies)
  • GST
  • PST/HST/QST (when the vehicle is registered)